Sunday, 19 February 2017

Finding Right Dance Shoes

Heel sizes can be as low as 0.5" or as high as 4". The most common heel sizes are between 2"-3". Higher heels give more shape to the leg, but just that extra half an inch can cause a noticeable difference in how it feels to dance. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a 2.5" heel height. The higher the heel, the more your weight is pushed forward onto the ball of the foot. A lower, thicker heel provides more stability and spreads the weight more evenly of the entire foot.
The thickness of heels vary. Cuban heels are the lowest and thickest heels and distribute weight over more of the foot, providing more balance and comfort. The skinny stiletto heel is very popular among Salsa dancers right now. The flare heel, skinny in the center and wider at the bottom, is another popular heel still preferred by many dancers.
Typically, your dance shoe size will be the same as your street shoe size. If your foot is narrow, you should go down 1/2 a size. If your foot is wider you should go up 1/2 a size from your regular street shoe. Remember, you want them to be snug, but not painful.