Saturday, 2 April 2011

What Is This Nonsense — GaGa Who???

Seriously - how was ANYONE actually confused by this?

A woman was spotted all over Miami earlier and the public - and even some paparazzi - somehow confused her for Lady GaGa, and all, it seems, is because she was shopping with a security crew!

Check out the picture (above) and see for yourself.

What the hell, right?! Even if it were supposed to be GaGa dressed down, IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HER!

Our Gagita is only 25 (happy birthday, gurl!) and this woman is clearly more in the Real Housewives age bracket (no offense, lovely Bravo ladies)!

So bizarre! Clearly, this was a ridiculous PR stunt! We hope no fans were disappointed!

What do U think?? Does she look like Mother Monster to you??

[Image via Mavrix Online.][via]