Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage In Detroit

It doesn’t sound like Charlie Sheen is winning these days. He kicked off his highly anticipated live tour last night in Detroit to a packed house and… well… the audience ended up booing him off the stage.

“We’re happy we came from Toronto to see it here because I don’t think he’ll continue with the rest of his shows,” audience member Richard Carpenter, 45, told PEOPLE. “He’s going to take this as a sign that he’s not going to be received well in other cities.”

Natasha Sutton, 25, of Rochester, Mich., was also less than impressed. “I thought he was pretending he was crazy until tonight,” she told PEOPLE. “It was all crap. We’d rather lose money at the casino than come to another one of his shows.”

And Dave Tholen, 45, of Rochester, Mich., echoed the sentiment, calling the evening a “variety show gone wrong.”

Charlie himself at one point stopped when he was talking and asked:

“Is anybody as confused by this s–– as I am? The good news is, I wrote every word.”

But after the show Charlie tweeted:

The most honest city in the world honors the most honest man in the universe #TruthTorpedo